Juhd's First Day of School.


This week was Juhd's first week of special school and Alhamdulillah he's done well these past first 3 days(he didn't cry or have a meltdown when we sent him to school pheww!). On the first day I walked with him up to the school door, I felt kind of nervous and worried at the same time. I told myself I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry....and I didn't. YET.

I got in the car. I sat down and as my husband drove off from the school, it finally sunk in. That weird feeling. That feeling of having a part of your heart left behind. THEN THE TEARS CAME. I now totally understand why parents cry during nikahs. It's that feeling of the unknown. That feeling of passing this huge 'amanah' to someone you barely know. The child that we've loved and cared for, will these people be able to care for them like we did? Will they be Ok? Will they need us anymore? *sniffs*

Oh I'm such a crybaby. He's gonna be fine. He IS doing fine. I need to start letting go and believe that he will be ok without me. This is his opportunity to learn new things, form new relationships, become more independant. I should be happy. I am happy that this is a new chapter and tramendous improvement in his life. Also, I've noticed I've become so much more organized and disciplined since Juhd has started school because I need to prepare everything earlier (his lunchbox, diapers, clothes, etc). And I find that because I miss him more when he goes to school, I make more quality time with him when he's back at home.

Mommies, were you like this when your kids first went to school..? Share with me!