The dUCky

So many people have been asking for this scarf tutorial on instagram. Since I suck at making and editing videos, here's a pictorial of the style I like to call 'The dUCky'. Why? Becuase I usually wear this style when I'm wearing a dUCk scarf.

Most of my scarves are about 2.0 meters long but duckscarves are a little shorter so for me, this would be the best style to wear if you want more coverage for shorter/smaller scarves. But make sure it's an opaque scarf, otherwise your neck and hair would be exposed. If you're using a chiffon scarf for this style, make sure you wear an inner scarf/ninja scarf inside. Mmmkay?:D

1. Place the scarf on your head with one side shorter and one side longer than the other. Pin the shorter side to the inner scarf at the corner area of your jawline or near to the ear area(which ever is more comfortable for you) .

2. Using a needle pin/ball head pin (jarum peniti), pin and secure the scarf on the other side of your jawline/below ear area.

3. Take the long part of the scarf.

4. Bring the longer side of the scarf to the back.

5. Bring it across the shoulder.

6. Pin the edge to your shoulder using a brooch.

7. Adjust the other side accordingly and pin using brooch to get a neat finish.

8. What it looks like from side view.

9. Tadaa! All done:)

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial. Leave your thoughts in the comments section!:D

Till then!


  1. I really love the way you style your hijab Kak Aishah but bila pika buat mesti tak jadiiii.. But thanks for this tutorial, I will try it later. Hee..


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