Ocean Blue

I'm currently at 28 weeks now but it honestly feels like I've been pregnant forever lol. It could be because of this unbearable back pain I've been dealing with since early second trimester. I can't really be as active as I'd like to be because the slightest wrong move can put me in severe pain. So I've been advised to take it easy and prescribed plenty of bedrestT_T.

I still go out of course, once in a while. These days I'm all about sneakers and comfort. When you're pregnant, clothing that restricts your movement is the worst thing you could possibly want. I've been shopping for looser tops and pants(you don't necessarily need to buy maternity wear) because looser clothing is the besssssssssssssssst! Kinda feels just like you're at home in your PJ's :D

So if you're heavily pregnant or a plus size girl, you can check out what they have at Misclaire plussize clothing. I recently got this Felice blouse in ocean blue and comfy dusty blue palazzos. I'm wearing size 2XL for the top and 3XL for the palazzos. I can't tell you enough how comfy they are. Loose and lightweight. My kinda maternity stle!


Blending into the background lol

For more information, head to:

Website : Misclaire.com  
Facebook Page : Plussize.Misclaire
Instagram : @plussize_misclaire

Till then!