South Korea : Day 4

OOTD : yellow sweater : Forever21 | white top : Cotton On | bracelet : H&M | bag : Clarks | ombre skirt : Covershop
I think it's safe to say that day 4 was literally shopping day! We started off the day by heading to the Lotte Duty Free Shopping Centre. It's just like any other mall which includes a variety of products except it was a little smaller and the levels were seperated by types of products. Designer handbags, jewelry, shoes were at the 11th floor(if I can remember correctly) and makeup stuff on the 10th or 9th (I think!) On the ground floor there was a supermarket selling all kinds of fruits, desserts and local favorites. The price range was quite expensive but that's just because they sell only high quality goods. Imagine a durian there costs 79900 won! Thats about RM 230++ !
Le hubs trying some kimchi
After the Lotte mall we went to 4 other 'shopping' places(Ginseng, Amethyst, WS Cosmetic & Hoganbo). If you're thinking of joining a travel package make sure you tell your agent to skip these places if possible because to me it's not worth wasting the time there(coz in the end, none of us bought anything there really, too expensive). Unless, ofcourse you realy plan to buy Korean Amethyst, unfamiliar makeup brand stuff or ginseng in Korea. 
For lunch we ate at a Korean Indian Restaurant in Iteawon before heading to the Iteawon Mosque. Warning! The mosque is located high on top of a steep hill, and being pregnant, I almost felt like I wouldn't make it to the top since it was so steep and exhausting to climb up the hill(the streets are very narrow, hence visitors cannot be brought up to the mosque in big busses) But the Mosque was beautiful masyaAllah, so it was definitely worth the climb!:)
Le husband having a chat with Tabligh jemaah from Indonesia.
Finally, we reached our last destination for the day in Namdeamun. For those of you who like to shop, don't be fooled by your tourist guide. They will tell you not to buy souvenirs here because they're made in China. They will bring you to a different place in Incheon near the airport where they claim the goods to be 'higher quality' since they are made in Korea. But truth is, I bought a lot of stuff from both places and found that the quality is the same and the souvenirs are both made in China(only a selected few in the Incheon are truly korean made) So it is advised if you want to spend on souvenirs, the best place to spurlge is here in Namdeamun Street since the price range is much much cheaper.


  1. went to the mosque. yep, super high. and cold water pulak tu. but it's nice to pray there. a new experience :)

  2. seronoknya kak aishah. semua tempat yg akak pegi tu sama dgn tempat yg saya pegi dulu. i miss korea so much :)

  3. All that Yummy food!
    And the outfit it's so so beautiful, love the colours you used!


  4. So many dessert and stuff! Seronok kan travel. I really love travel myself :)

  5. Awesome! What a lovely life :)
    anyways, do u mine visiting and following mine too?

    thanks! :)

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  7. hi... best kan korea.. i went there last sept on my own with my other 2 friends. no tourist guide at all. Alhamdulillah sangat berpuas hati. come and visit my blog
    i wrote about my travel to korea too but the entry not that much coz i just started blogging :-)
    it's nice to share our experience in korea right


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