Rina Salleh Clothing Boutique Launch

Grey Pashmina : The Mines Kiosk | Neon Sweater : H&M | Bag : Nose | Necklace : DIY | Bangles : Plaza Masalam

*arm candy*
Last Saturday I checked out Rina Salleh's Boutique Launch in Shah Alam. As expected, the boutique was filled with gorgeous lush clothes and bags!! Also happening at the time I arrived was a Beauty Talk by Cosmoderm. Oh and I got a goodie bag from Cosmoderm which I can't wait to try! Enough talking, let's see all the beautiful ladies I met and what RSC is filled with! 
The sweet Rina Salleh in Polka dots and adorable Uyyun in florals;) Next to Le Chubby me
in season cut-outs!
just mesmerized and *rambang mata*
What girl doesn't love some bling.
that's pure concentration I tells ya.
Loved this lippy clutch!<3
Also in attendance, Fashion bloggers Shea, Fira and the gorgeous lady photographer from CST, Tia<3

Congrats Rina on all your success! I wish you all the best!!;) 
Ok that's all for now, if you want to grab some of her collection,
Visit Rina Salleh Clothing at :
No 5A Jalan Plumbum Q7/7,
Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor

Facebook Page : Rina Salleh Clothing
Official Website : www.rinasalleh.com     

Till then!xx


  1. Looking gorgeous!
    Loved everything!

  2. Beautiful outfit. Love it !


  3. love the colors!! the way you wrap is so elegant, i'm definitely jealous!
    by the way, a while a go you asked me int the comment box where I got one of my hijab. totally forgot about it until now...sorry..
    I couldn't have answered anyways, most of my hijabs are bought in a local boutique and I don't know the brand.:)

    xx, shay


  4. kunjungan gan , bagi-bagi motivasi
    semoga menjadi semangat .. :)
    Memaafkan adalh cara balas dendam yang paling mulia.

  5. Maschallah <3


  6. so nice :)


  7. Nice pictures! I particularly like the colour combi in your outfit :) And: YOU ARE NOT CHUBBY!!! :)

  8. kak'aisah makin cantik..
    always loveee akak :)

  9. love the neon colour, love ur style!

  10. Fascinating!! Your eyes are beautiful! My Own Erotica

  11. Superb launch huge and stylish collection of abayas... i will definitely buy abaya. thanks for your latest abaya collection.
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