TV9 Carnival I-Raudah

Salaam Alaykum lovelies!;) Today I attended the Carnival I-Raudah at Masjid Al-Hidayah, Taman Melawati as a guest for the 'Circle Talk' and model(?) hehe..The carnival is basically something like the 'Sure Heboh' Carnival but with a more Islamic approach.

As always, I had my husband accompany me(even though he had other work to do) so thank you encik suami:) We arrived early in the morning at about 8am at the Mosque, where I bumped into Shea(also appeared on the show). We made a small appearance on the 'Nasi Lemak Kopi O' morning show and as the day progressed, there were so many interesting things happening at the carnival like 'Tanyalah uztaz' program, Saffiya, futsal, coloring competition, 'Upin & Ipin', and so much more!! Plus they had a Raya buffet! Nasi lemak, Laksa, Lemang, Rendang, Roti Canai, you name it! *Omnomnomnom*

The 'Lin Saffiya' booth (for girls only)
A quick rehearsal few minutes before the show.
Being interview by Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham. Photo courtesy of Tia Saadon:)

The newly pregnant HunnyMadu. I barely noticed her cute tummy!:)
The 'Saffiya' Show
Hosts for the day, Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham:)
In the evening, we modeled for the new collection from Old Blossom Box (didn't snap any photos since mr.hubs wasn't allowed in). Afterwards, we(Lyna, Jezmine, Shea, Adriani and I) were interviewed by Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham in a segment called 'Circle Talk'. I thought it was a very beneficial talk/interview session since we were given the opportunity to interact with the audience and share so many things with them like fashion tips, experiences, daily struggles of being Muslim women, transformation from before wearing the hijab and so on. It was such a fun & humbling experience:)
Hot mama Hana Fedora just got back from uk. And I got to meet her & her adorable little prince!:) 

The I-Raudah Carnival will be at 2 other locations, so make sure to check out TV9's FB Page for the locations! Till then!xx


  1. i really like the ambiance of the place. aww. i wish there is something like that in the phils.
    anyway, you look awesome.


  2. Assalamualaikum akak aishah...
    OmG... Alhamdulilah makin fames pula my idol
    Senantiasa syari'i #hug

  3. You look beautiful kak Aisyah ..berfesyen but still mengikut adab Islam ..:)

  4. Sounds like a great time - photos are so good!

    1. Alhamdulillah, it was so much fun & beneficial. thank you karima!xx

  5. Aishah, your style really beautiful. Where you get that outside flaw cover?

    1. thank you sweetie:) the outer is from topshop:)



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