Jovian Mandagie : Aviraya Collection

I was invited to the Jovian Mandagie Aviraya Fashion Show, and being the pengantin-tak-sedar-diri-lagi-seminggu-nak-kawen that I am, I still wanted to attend the fashion show even though I have tons to do!! gahhh!!! I mean, it's Jovian Mandagie, how could I say no to that??!! The fashion show was held at the TUDM Muzeum, Sg. Besi, since the collection itself is called AVIRAYA, avi as in aviation inspired. The collection was to die for and one of the most exciting fashion shows I've ever been to! Such lush and gorgeous details to each piece that was showcased on the runway. Best part is, the collection will soon be available at First Lady & Zalora !! Get your purses ready ladies coz now everyone can afford a Jovian Mandagie piece!!

Jovian's mother
One of my favorites

loooooove the details at the back<3 *faints*

How do you like my DIY necklace? :P yay or nay?
After the show ended we went for minum2 (drinks) As the clock struck 12, I almost forgot it was my Birthday! tehee! I'm 24 today!! (ayoo why la so old)
Pic credit to Kish:) Thanks girl!

Till then! xx


  1. muda lg 24 tu dear..hihi..I dh lbh..
    btw necklace tu cantik..

  2. Happy birthday! And happy becoming newly wed too. Pray for ur happiness with the love one. Congrats :D

  3. Agreee..! How could u say no to JOVIAN....?! ur soooo luckkkyyyyy..! :D ur necklace tu DIY? thot it's a designer item ke ape, serious smart+chic.. u should do more n sell them, u have talent! :)

    anyways happy birthday gorgeous bride-to-be.. ;)

    1. thanks renee dear!! cant wait for the big day!! :D xx

  4. Earlier congrats sis..happy beday too..:-)

  5. geog as always! aishah!!! very soon aishah very soon! :) I'm happy for you!! xx

  6. akakkaka Aishah, gadis sedihlah
    sbb dah 2 kali ucpkan selamat milad untuk cam tak pdli huhuhuhuhu...
    apapun untuk my idol SELAMAT MILAD wish u all the best
    semoga sukses serta bahagia dunia akhert amin

    1. awhh jgnla sedih2..thank so much dear;)..tcare! xx

  7. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  8. you always look pretty as usual. anyway, love the necklace, it's such a simple piece but so beautiful. :)

    P.s. Wishing you a belated birthday. Much love. God bless

  9. your necklace is glowing in the dark and you do it your self? how can? tell me the tutorial please? thanks before and happy belated birthday too! May Allah bles you, xoxo.

  10. Looked like a great time - belated birthday to you.

  11. Happy belated birthday dear stylish lecturer ;)
    And oh-my-God, look at that galaxy scarf!! where did you get it?

  12. wow super glow in the dark necklace =)
    terbaik !

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