On Little Changes.

Today nothing much happened really, except I was laying on my bed, when I remembered something I read a while ago about constantly renewing one's Iman. So as I was staring at the ceiling, I suddenly thought about how much time I actually spent today for Allah s.w.t, and how much I spent on the more wordly things. It made me sad because I didn't do anything today that was different from yesterday.

I woke up, did my solah, took a shower, went to work, ate and basically all the normal routine things I do almost everyday. So I said to myself, "Aishah, you say want to change and renew your Iman, but you're not doing anything about it..!"

Change is a very difficult thing to do. So I started writing a list of the things I should do and that I believe will, insyaAllah strengthen my Iman. Why? because our Iman will not increase just by making du'aa and asking Allah to increase it, but it takes will power and effort.

So I decided that I will initiate something new in my life every week to try and make sure I am putting some kind of effort to 'polish' my Iman. For example, this week, I will try perfecting my solah, try to achieve that khusyu' that I've been longing for sooooo long and be constant at it. Then I want to start wearing socks because I realized that my feet are actually part of my aurah, but I haven't been covering them all these yearsT_T The list goes on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture. Again, I know it's hard to make a big change all at once, so why not try to make many small changes, and make 'em count;)

Tips for improving iman and deen [taken from here]

1. Surround yourself in good company. If you are helping another with improving their iman - make sure you are available to help and support them at all times - be close to them - soon they will see the difference between spending time with a practicing muslim and bad company ( non believers or hypocrites)

2. Read all the 5 times prayers on time. Set yourself a challenege to remember the times with no reminder. If you are helping another - encourage them to pray - TEACH them to pray - relate to their struggles. Explain to them why it is so important.

3. Talk - and question. If there is something that has always bothered you or you have wondered about in Islam - go research it, question it, debate it. If you are helping another do the same with them - engage them in talks

4. Appreciate the beauty of this world. Look around you for the signs of Allah swt's creation

5.Make du'a to Allah swt to guide you with an open heart. Make du'a for others.

6. Ponder on the shortness of this life and its meaning,

7. Ponder on the ability of Allah swt to do whatever He wills. Consider that there are so many things we as humans and science do not have the answer for. Think about 'luck' and 'coincidences' and fate in the Islamic sense.

8. Read, read, read and unite, unite, unite.

A muslim who does not seek knowledge is a poor muslim and a muslim who has no support from others is a lonely muslim. 

Till then! xx  


  1. As Salamualaikum, This post came right on time for me! I have been thinking about the same thing, how I can renew my Iman, and feel it in my actions and heart. Jazakaallahu khair for the reminder! xoxo


  2. As salam,

    I am one of His slaves that keep asking, Allah...please give me more time to improve. I'll be a better Muslimah one day. Yet do nothing about it. And only Allah knows its been ages.Your post is like a tight slap across the face.

    Thank you. I know exactly where to begin with. :)

  3. i think everyone wants to be better but don't put enough effort, me especially.
    thank you for the reminder ecah~! <3

  4. We humans tend to easily forget our main purpose in life, which is to serve Allah s.w.t. That is the human fitrah. There are times when our iman increases, and decreases.

    For me starting to do something is quite easy, but achieving istaqamah, is what i think a lot of us struggle with.

  5. Love this
    Jazakallah khair for this post ^_^

  6. all this while, im covering my hair bcuz my hair is my aurah, yet i didnt ask myself wyh im not wearing socks as that part are part of my aurah too. ;'(

  7. you are so right~! the idea of making small maintainable changes is the best way to improve. "the best deeds are those done consistently"



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