Forever Grateful.

I haven't been in the best of health these past 5 days and I had an exam on Sunday. So it was a tough one.

When you become independant, working away from home and being sick, you start to remember how amazing it was when you always had your mom by your side to take care of you. I know I'm turning 24 this year, but I have to admit, when I got home over the weekend, I constantly craved for my mom's attention and she looked after me just the way she did the last 23 years of my life. Eventhough I knew she didn't have to, since I'm a grown adult. But, she did. Words just can't describe how that made me feel. I started crying when she hugged me and took some iced-water to pour on my head. A mother's love is unconditional. It made me realize, no matter how old I get, or no matter how 'independant' I claim to be, I will always need my Ummi.

One day if my Ummi no longer has the strength to take care of her family, I hope and pray that I will always be there for her and give her the love and affection that she had for me. Ameen.


  1. Amin.. Kasih ibu sampai ke syurga.. I miss my mom and craving her attention too..

  2. InsyaAllah Aishah you will be the solehah daughter for your parents..:)

  3. Kayah pun mase tgk ummi buat camtu pun rasa mcm terharu.. yup ummi's love is unconditional. sehari sblm ecah demam, kakak demam. and ummi buat bende sama yg ummi buat kat ecah.

    Mase kakak demam tu, ummi mcm taking care of her baby so that kakak can take care of her baby hihihi

    umi kate, smpai tua pun kite still akn jd baby ummi :D

  4. a mother affection's is everything to all of us and mothers always be the best in everyone's heart :') i wish you'll be going well soon...

  5. Thank you;) deep down i think im still very much a kid at heart:p

  6. Wauw. A amazing article!
    I got goose bumps, because it is so true.
    Hamdoelilah. And may Allah swt protect our mothers against all the evil things in the world. And may they stay as long as possible in our life inshaAllah.


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