Introducing The Special Makeup Artist For My Wedding...*drumroll*

It's every girl's dream to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day..therefore hiring the right makeup artist is very, VERY crucial. That is why I have decided to choose a very speacial MUA for my big day. She's not very known for her work but I think I have enough confidence in her, and most importantly I know she'll do a great job..the MUA I'm talking about is non other than.. Aishah Amin a.k.a me, myself and i:p Some of you might be like..Whaaaattttt...this girl is crayyyzaayyy... OK the reason why I decided to do it myself is because I believe that I know my features better than anyone else and I know what looks good on me. Plus I want to look and feel beautiful from my own eyes, not from other people's eyes..I've seen time and time again brides not feeling pretty on their wedding because of harsh makeup, even if other people think they do look pretty. Hence effecting their mood during their big day. I don't want that to happen to me.I think a woman should look radiant and glowing on their wedding day, instead of OTT(over the top) and drag. i'm going for no falsies, no eyebrow trimming. (btw a lot of Muslims still don't know that wearing falsies is haram it seems. it falls under the same category as wearing a wig/rambut palsu. please look it up if you're still not convinced)

Anyways, I believe that a woman should be confident enough to do her own makeup. I mean, helllooooo..even Kate Middleton did her own wedding makeup, and looked fabulous if I might add! But I'm pretty sure that confidence didn't just come from nowhere. I have to admit, it's not going to be easy doing my own makeup, I'll have to start practicing from now if I want to look radiant and fabulous on my wedding day!(xpe2 ade lg 6 bln, insyallah boleh) That is why I recently joined Anna Ismail's personal makeup class together with Nadia and Zuryn to learn a thing or two about makeup. If you're planning to do your own wedding makeup, I suggest that you join any personal makeup class that you think will enhance your makeup skills! The class I joined was so useful since I personally love makeup and now I can look pretty without having to hire a makeup artist! Here's what went down during the class:

I personally loved Nadia's earthy-tone makeup. However, our makeup guru wanted us to create different looks so that we could learn different techniques. And since Nadia was doing like a bronzy-look, Zuryn was doing a more softer-purple-ish look, I did an arabic-inspired look.

the final outcome *photos courtesy of nadia+zuryn:)
 For my nikah makeup I think I'm going to try something sweet and soft like this:
Just adorable!
And for my reception makeup. I'm opting for something a little more glamorous, perhaps something like this:

Just when you thought she couldn't get any prettier, she does THIS. T_T

Till then! xx


  1. good luck AIshah! believe in yourself!

  2. now, i realise you self-confidence level is always at the high! good for you then :) i'm sure you can give yourself the best make-up one. and i bet you'll look more beautiful, darla..i wish you be pretty and happy always..:)

  3. ok.make up sangat cantik la aishah!!! sukaaa! bagusnye nak make up sendiri.i make up sendiri sure disaster!! hahaha

  4. thank for your lovely wishes nurul&farra;)

    kerry: huhuhu.. tp makeup saye ni byk Anna yg tnjukkan dlu..I buat half je..xsampai half pun kot? LOL

  5. Salaam 'alaik.

    Best choice of makeup artist kak Aishah. I agree, we should be confident enough to do our own wedding makeup. Seram kadang2 tngk orang lain makeupkan the bride and she ends up looking.. erm.. let's just say she looks better without the makeup. But ur makeup is beautiful! (ceh, panjang pula comment.hehe)

    All the best kak Aishah. Semoga perjalanan ke hari bahagia tu dipermudahkan inshaAllah.. :)

  6. mata sangat2 cantik... seriously.. sangat! i think i shud and try do my own make up also.. practice practice and more practice right?
    and i got 6 months to go also... ehh.. sama ni..

  7. wiwit! I cannot wait for your big day eci!! btw ecah, kayah pun dah tuka url blog jugak

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  9. nikisa: hehe tp mcm a bit garang kan?

    Qursiah: thank you, and i really agree with you! even klu tgk matsaleh makeup on their wedding day pun x setebal kebanyakan pengantin malayu..jarang tgk dorg pkai falsies on their wedding day..

    jameela: you should try it! practice makes perfect:)

  10. kayah: woot! ok ecah dah put the link up:D

    aisyah: thank you and gudluck to you too;)

    gazel: aww thank you, you're too kind!<3

  11. That is beautiful Masha-allah - and congrats to you! may we all have that confidence to be ourselves for a change - even when looking glamarous on a wedding day insha-allah.


  12. Salam there,
    I just wanted to say, that I really like your Blog! You seem to have a really inspiring and creative personality! Keep up the good work!
    If you like you can visit my blog too (it's german ^^), I just started blogging :)
    The looks you have chosen for the wedding are just beautiful, I'm really looking forward to see the pictures, since I'm getting married myself soon and think about hiring myself as a stylist ^^

  13. Aishah.. chaiyok..chaiyok, practice make perfect :)

  14. Oh I just know you're going to look absolutely gorgeous on your nikah and reception days! xox

  15. thank you Sha!;) you're the best! hope you will be in msia when i get married!:P

  16. good info
    visit back my blog,key....

  17. You are not crazy! I did my own makeup for me wedding as well, and for the same reasons you stated! haha I truly believe I know my own face and features better so I know what looks good and what doesn't.

  18. hey Aishah all the best for your wedding! And, yes, I totally know what you mean about the confidence. I did my own makeup for my wedding too! And despite everyone went like,"what, are you nuts?" I decided to go with my guts. and it turned out great, I felt confident and very happy on my wedding day Alhamdulillah. Most bridal makeup tebal sangat, like wearing a mask. Didn't want to scare my newly wedded husband off, or anyone else for that matter.

    sorry panjang sangat comment! :D

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