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  1. Salam Alaikum sis, my name is Ameena im from London, i have been a fan of your blog for such a long time now, i love it mashAllah.. i jst statred blogging (literally today).. i would love it if u checked out my blog inshaAllah.... otherwise i hope this message finds you in good health and iman. lots of love xo

  2. Hello sister this is Sonali Mahmud here is my blog i will be pleased if you join me and follow my blog. Your blog is very nice I am a Fan of it . Stay fine and take care <3

  3. Salam Alaikum,

    I absolutely love this blog. I’m one who believes in dressing modestly with a pinch of style! It funny how I come across so many clothing styles on here that are similar to my style, I’ve only started blogging myself recently, I’m new to it and there’s definitely much to learn yet! I would absolutely love for you to see it even tho it’s in early stages! and possibly leave a comment. Good Bless x x x

  4. Aoa,

    I wear Hijaab, but for some reason, I can never try different styles. for years I have stuck with one style. This is simply amazing.

    1. dear sis, Its good to know that you wear Hijaab. you will know more about it by must comments if you like it.

  5. Hi Admin, My name is Mukhtiar Ali Khan owner of working as blogger since last 3 years. is my 2nd project. Its all about fashion and I really hope you will like it and suggest me how can i improve my blog.

    Waiting for your response.
    my email is

  6. Salam

    I love your blog so much, it is very inspiring.
    My name is Zainab and I am 19. I have been wearing hijab for many years now and I love coming up with new styles. I was thinking of starting a hijab stylist business, inshallah but I am still working out the details.
    I would really love it if you could post my instagram @mizz_zainy ; I will be posting new pictures, ideas and DIY styles and tips as soon as possible. At the moment I have a few of my hijab pictures and I will be answering questions, Please the new following group will really help me get everything started.
    Jazakallah and may Allah bless you.


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