Frisch Verheiratet

I know this is a late post. But better late than never! hehe..Early this month 4 of my close family/friends got married on the same weekend! And I was only able to attend one which was my cousin's wedding, since i was the maid of honor:) The lovely Eyqa Sulaiman and Adriani's wedding was on the same day so it was obvious that i couldn't make it to their wedding. And my future-sister-in-law's wedding was on Sunday but it was in Perak and I couldn't drive there all by myself! So i missed that one too..but it's ok.. even though i couldn't make it, I wish them all the happiness in the world and that they have great marriages and make cute babies! hehe..

And I know I haven't been very active blogging these past few weeks. After all I wasn't a hardcore blogger to begin with. I only blog when I feel like sharing something close to my heart, plus these past few weeks have been quite hectic for me.. I'm currently still working fulltime, doing my masters fulltime and I'm busy planning for something huge next year(can't tell you what it is just yet!:p). So I can say that I'm a busy, busy woman. So anyways, back to my cousins' wedding, yes my beautiful cousin, Marina Salina Raof Senk. Oh I just love saying her name! She's half Malay half German. Very happy for her that she's finally married and found her little piece of happiness:)

The Solemnization
Alhamdulllah, they are husband and wife;)

Me and my sister in the hotel room, camwhoring as the bride was getting her makeup and hair done.
My sisters and I. Our Kakak missing in action.

Us being super silly doing the "majalah melayu" pose.
With cousins
The beautiful bride and her groom.
*berangan nak kawen jap* :p
"Just Married"


  1. kak aishah, u look so beautiful waaahh =D xsabar nak tunggu kakak kawen hikhik ^^

  2. awww thank you sweetie;) hehe i pun x sbr nak tggu i kawen!:P LOL

  3. So pretty mashallah! Love your blog xx

  4. thank you, you girls are too sweet!;)

  5. I have something for u aishah, just awarded u :)

  6. hi dear thanks so much for droppin by blog and share ur knowledge..really appreciate your advice and comment.. :) exchange link ya? :D btw, love ur style!! *hugs*

  7. this is beautiful!

    new post♥mfashionfreak

    Please follow me if you're not already. I'd love to get more followers! I'll follow you back.

  8. Blog hopping and cam by your great blog, I love the photos! Keep up your good work. Now gfc following you Karima.

  9. Im a new follower and blogger :P love your blog and love all your outfits, beautiful!! :) check it out!

  10. salam aishah amin
    finally i found u n ur blog :D
    the grrom is actually my cuzin too :)
    masa this wedding, i macam recognize u but siyesly i x ingat ur full i ingat initial A n last name amin..
    goole pnye google tak jumpa
    but today i ternampakur tweets retweeted by sum1
    then now baru jumpa ur blog hehe
    btw dress korang masa tu sangat cantik
    i asyik curi2 tengok hehe

  11. aww you're so sweet! thank you and slmt berkenalan!:D if we meet again jgn lupe tegur ok!:))

  12. i'm in love with ur dress! :D cantik sgt!


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