The Tale of 4 Sisters.

I can barely remember the last time I had the chance to hangout with my sisters all at once. Since my eldest sister is married, and my other two sisters are both still studying, it's hard to find time for all 4 of us to be free at the same time. So anyways, I managed to escape from work a little early yesterday and we finally had our 'girls day out' that we've been longing to have for a while now. My eldest sister drove us to klcc, and we were supposed to help her out with some shopping, but being true girls that we are, we ended up doing more of our own shopping instead! lol.
Upon arriving, the first thing we did was drop by Harrods because my sister wanted to get some macarons(which I never really fancy because I'm not much of a sweet tooth person).

 Afterwards, we went to grab a bite at Kyros Kebab and as always we just talked,laughed, and had so much fun enjoying each others' company. While we're at it, I might as well introduce you all to my sisters:P hehe
 This is my eldest sister, Maryam a.k.a Maya. She's turning 26 this year, already married and currently working as a TESL lecturer in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.
Just incase you don't know. This is me .haha. Im turning 23 this coming June(yikes! I feel so old) I'm currently working as an architecture lecturer at Linton University College, Mantin.
This is my other sister Fatimah a.k.a timah. She's turning 21 this year and currently doing her B.Sc Mechanical Engineering in UITM, Shah Alam.
And last but not least is my youngest sister, Khodijah a.k.a kayah. She's 17 and will be taking her SPM this year! btw, she's the only single lady here!:P haha

 I feel so lucky to have my sisters. We share pretty much everything, especially clothes! We get to ask second opinions when we go shopping and the best part is that we can always talk to each other and share our problems. I always have so much fun when I'm around them. And yesterday was no exception! :)
 This would be another hobby of ours, posing for pictures!

 Me and my almost-twin-sister, timah:P

I love you girls!!

My best friends are my sisters:)


  1. sy juga ada semua adik-beradik perempuan. and the luckiest one is me sbb xperlu bli baju byk2.heheh

  2. Very cute, may Allah always keep all of u happy together - like u r now :)

  3. I kinda love how all of you look different! There is that likeness but I can already tell the different personalities in each. ^^ (Then again I also love seeing siblings yang muka fotostat semua. Comel tak tahan.)

    My case is the opposite of you -- no sisters, lots of brothers. Tooootal fun. :P

  4. nikisa: aaww thank you:)

    Anisza: btol2!:P i do that a lot too, hehe

    Nad: thank you:)

    Anisah: I have 3 brothers so im quite sure i know how you feel;p lol. and yup, we always get mistaken for friends, not sisters. hehe it's cool though.

  5. Aishah, umur kita sama, 23 years.
    saya pun bersaudara perempuan semua :)

  6. You gals look beautiful!! :)

    Can you show us how you wrap your scarfs one day?


  7. the macaroons cost you how much?

  8. Wow I didn't even notice the Hijab Diaries video link. :) I saw your tutorials now.
    Thank you sooo much!! I was trying to find a modest way to wrap my scarf. And your videos helped. :D
    And I'm cleaning out my wardrobe, to make sure I don't any tight clothes. And I found these lovely sisters who own a online shop They sell really modest clothes. Hopefully(inshallah) I will be able to buy from them. :)
    Sheesh I talk a lot!! Saalam sister.

  9. Pretty! :)
    ohh you're an architecture lecturer! well hello! I'm a first year archi student. I guess I may ask u or have your opinions on archi sometime, can I? ngehee! btw, nice meeting u! xD

  10. Oh my, you guys are a beautiful lot! And I had no idea you're 23! we're the same age! and I have four sisters as well AND we don't get to hang out all the time too, which is very sad. But when the time comes where the 4 of us are free, it would be the time cherished most :) It's so nice to see you and your sisters doing well. Do write more, I enjoy your blog! :)

  11. u guys are so lovely!! waaa what a sweet outing..kak Aishah i'm so jealous right now since me and my sisters rarely to hangout together as all of us were studying at different places.

    P.s: kak Aishah I'm also studying TESL and Insyallah one fine day I'll be just like your eldest sister. anyway send my regards to her ok :)

  12. You siblings look so close together, and you all look so cute! I know the feeling because i'm super close with my sister too! She's annoying at times but she's the best sister I'll ever ever have :D

  13. Awesome! its pretty hard to gather and have fun. You're very lucky. Unlike me, I'm the only one.

  14. semua cantik cantik. tp muka lain2 eh. (:

  15. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... aishah and all of ur sisters are great looking muslimah... what i love the most, how u girls wrap ur pashmina... would u mind to share? syukran gazeelan!

  16. yes correct our best friend is always our me my best friend is my sister...

  17. Ecah! haha, ala baru 2 weeks old my blog tu :) i think facebook is booorrriiinnggg, so decided to blog my travels..:)

  18. wowww 4 beradik semua girl..awsme

  19. seriously ingat semua kawan baik td..

    untungla ade adik beradik perempuan umur rapat2.
    bleh jadi member :)

  20. the macaroons cost RM18 (for 6 pieces)

    lol. it's definitely awesome having a lot of sister's..and yes, we always get confused for friends all the time! most ppl would say that we don't look alike at all:)

    my5xurra : you can click on 'the hijab diaries video' link on the right hand side. it's just underneath my lookbook badge. that will direct you to my youtube channel:)


  21. Looking at you, make me feel like wearing hijab :)

  22. i love how you keep the chest covered and stay stylish!

  23. huwaaaa love you all,.i really want have sister u know im just the only one child in my family

  24. hi Aishah, 1st time reading ur blog and its so good! made a special post of you and ur sisters in mine. :)


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