A Family Affair.

It was a lovely weekend with my family since we were celebrating two birthdays, my mom's and my eldest brother Baem. So we went for some scrumptious Arab food at the Sahara Tent in Alamanda. It was my first time dining there and I have to say that I loved the food especially the 'Sahara Chicken' and 'Chicken Mandy'. It was a very special celebration this year since I'm working now and I finally got to buy my mom something a little more fancy than I used to as her birthday present:) So I bought her a little something from Habib Jewels. You know what they say, diamonds are a girls best friend! Anyways, I hope she liked the present as much as I enjoyed picking it out for her:)

    my sisters, mamat, ummi and waled;)

 kayah, timah
 What I wore:
  • Sweater jacket from Elle
  • Printed Tee from Kary
  • Black skirt from E2
  • Leopard print clutch from Treats
  • Grey wedges from Angelboutique


  1. assalam.. wah habib jewels for ur mother.. she will love it.. surely.. heheh... :)

  2. bestnyer habib jewels...great daughter lah u ecah..

  3. Aishah,
    U set la comment form yang ada Name /URL. Please?

  4. I'm kind of new to this whole thing..huhu can someone tell me how i can change the settings..? Thank you:)

  5. I looove Sahara Tent's food! Esp the Lamb Mandy.

    Happy belated birthday to your mum! <3 Miss you Aishah!!

  6. salam Aishah:)
    tq coz following me..
    i suka tgk ur style sbb menutup aurat;)
    and u i jdkan contoh utk berhijab;)

  7. salam !

    Yes, I had deleted the follow widget by mistake.
    the problem is now solved so you can follow me ;)

    thank you , I love your blog too!


  8. awwwwe, welcome to blogger babay ;)

  9. Assalam..

    hi Aishah...i really dont know that u have a blog..selama ni i thought u just only got tumblr..dear..im sorry..i put ur pic at my blog >> http://susuegoodday.blogspot.com/2011/02/wanita-wanita-cantik-ciptaan-allah-swt.html

    ..i hope u dont mind..but..if u feel bother let me know..ya..


  10. First visit :)) oh I thought you're known as a blogger -.-' my bad. btw good luck in blogging :D

    p/s: I hope it's not that awkward for a guy to read girl's blog. okthanksbye :))

  11. wahh something from Habib Jewels? Im sure your mom will love it! ;) I hope to taste the arabian food there, never get a chance to. :P

    Oh btw, I'd put your hijab tutorials from thehijabdiaries in my blogshop/fashion blog. hope u dont mind. do visit. :)


  12. yeahh, diamonds + gems are girls besfrens! totally agreed. btw, love ur style sis:) . mind if i linked ur blog in mine? thanks ya sis:D

  13. salam Aishah !
    nice to meet u here..
    personal soklan sikit...psst....ur father is a karkun , rite?if it's true....same like mine... ;) tapi beliau nampak sporting ye..very gud :)

  14. @khazanstudio: i love your blog and thank you for having me!:)

    @cik mains: ofcourse you can!;)

    @ummi hanie: slm:) as seen in the photos, he obviously is. and yeah for a karkun i would say he's quite open.lol:p I believe that as grown ups we are our own individuals. and my parents believe in that too so thats why you might see some differences:)

    @all: thank you!:)

  15. Salam kak aishah ^^!
    Finally, I founded ur blog from kak hana fedora :). Allah, you both really really inspired me to wear something beautiful, modest & fully covered the aurat. With pleasure, I looove u. (haha, fan of kipas-susah-mati).

    Oh, btw,yeah, diamonds are girls best fren :) .
    Sweet family. ^^!

  16. Salah verb : founded << hahaha T_T memalukan.
    Correction: found :)

  17. salam

    ur father lecturer ke?
    at ukm?
    coz mcm familiar je

  18. lol. yup. he's a tesl lecturer in ukm:D

  19. no wonder la i pernah nmpk him.
    prof amin embi rite?

  20. memang jatuh cinta dgn outlook ni!
    I used to hate yellow since I was in kindergarten but I just can't deny that you look so beautiful in that jacket<3

  21. So comel your waled buat peace!


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