Hey heyyyy whats upppp! long time no update. Hope it's not too late to wish you all Ramadhan Kareem!

If you follow me on instagram then you probably already know that I'm pregnant with baby #4. I'm currently at week 21 now and this has been the hardest pregnancy for me so far. I never really had any morning sickness with my previous pregnancies, except for some nausea and maybe vomiting once or twice during the whole entire pregnancy. So it feels kind of weird that I'm still vomiting even in my second trimester now. I was throwing up almost everyday during the first trimester! I even lost weight during two of my previous check ups. But hopefully the baby is healthy and doing well, insyaAllah!

Now that I'm pregnant again, I just realized I never shared my labor story with Khair. Poor baby;D Mommy didn't forget you okay! Mommy just had so much to do after 3 kids..he he*nervous laughter* If you want to read my labor story with Juhd and Qomar you can find it here and here.

So here's my labor story with Khair.

We had just finished moving the last trip of things from our old house in bangi to our new place in Dengkil. We arrived at night, probably about 10pm or so. I was so exhausted as was my husband, from all the packing and moving. My husband was too tired to even take out the last bit of things in the car that he just left it there and said he'll take them out tomorrow morning instead. I was already in quite some pain because I have always had really bad back pain with every pregnancy starting from as early as 5 months. So that night I went to bed around 12 midnight and hoped that I would wake up feeling refreshed.

At around 3.30am I woke up and felt like I had peed a little so I went straight to the toilet. In the toilet, there was a sudden splash/gush of water pouring down to the toilet floor and I knew right away that my water had broke! I quickly told my husband about it but because I thought we could just chill for a bit and I wanted to shower first, I said we'll go to the hospital maybe in an hour or so. But that all changed as I was showering, the contractions quickly became so intense and more frequent. I could barely get myself dressed because my contractions were already so strong. My husband rushed to get the kids ready and we drove straight to my parents house to drop the kids off first. When we reached my parents house, I was already screaming in pain because I swear I felt like the baby was already about to pop out!

When we arrived at Hospital Serdang which is just about 15 minutes away, I was in so much pain. The nurse had me registered and when I got to lay on the bed at the waiting/screening area, one of the nurses kept holding my legs together, preventing me from spreading my legs open and that made everything so much more painful! She kept telling me not to push yet when all i did was open my legs a bit to relieve the pain. Once I was properly registered into the system or whatever, then only the nurses didn't 'kepit' my legs and did the VE. I was already 8cm dilated and was pushed right into the labor room. In the labor room, the doctor in charge said I can already push if i feel like it, but somehow I was so blur i totally forgot how to push! It took me about 5 tries before Khair came out! Oh the relief!

But this was by far the fastest delivery of all my the time I woke up to the time Khair came out, it took about 1 hour plus, i think. Painful still. But at least it was over real quick. And this was the first time my husband actually got to witness every second of my pain and the birth itself(although i did tell him to go somewhere else when the doctor was stitching me up..mannn that part would be so uncomfortable to have hime watch urghh..) Alhamdulillah for a healthy baby boy weighing 3.3kg who came out at 39 weeks. I managed to have skin to skin with Khair and straight away breast feed him right after birth(which i didn't get to experience during Juhd's time). Childbirth is such a beautiful experience (pain and all) and it makes me cry tears of joy everytime:') I hope for baby #4 it will be a fast and easy delivery insyaAllah. Please make duaa for me<3

This was khair fresh outta the womb ;D First thing I noticed was that he had dimples!<3

 Khair day 7 <3

Until now my husband tells me how amazed he is with women and the amount of pain they have to endure during pregnancy AND childbirth. And whats even more amazing is when they still decide to have more children after all that..LOL. I just think the amazing journey of raising and loving a child outweighs all the pain and struggles we go through.<3


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