Mulberry Mousse

The other day I attended Tudung People’s Eid Collection preview at the Koleksi Raya Fashion Show by Fashionvalet. It was a stunning collection that included a mixture of elements including hand painted floral prints, swarovski details, lace and embellishments. In fact, the floral print i’m wearing is named mulberry mouse from the Limited Edition Eden series. 

The Tudung People eid collection also features a campaign called #MyHijabMyStory which is a campaign to break the stereotype that women in hijab are backwards and oppressed. Hijab isn’t an obstacle that limits women from achieving what they want in life. The campaign features 6 inspirational women, all with their own personal story. I can’t wait for you guys to see the video and the message behind it!❤️

Scarf : Tudung People
Sunnies & Bag : Shopee
Top : Aere
Pants : Calaqisya
Heels : Nelissa Hilman


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