13 Going On 30

Yesterday my friends and I celebrated us turning 30 this year. Well, technically none of us are actually 30 yet but we just thought it would be fun to celebrate and embrace the fact that we're turning the big 3-0 this year! Yeahh I feel hella old.

We chose "13 going n 30" because we met during form 1 in high school at age 13 at the time. It's been 17 years and we've grown so close together that I cannot imagine my life without them. They're the kind of friends who I can be my true self with and even though we sometimes don't see each other that often, it always feels like we just met yesterday when I'm with them. So blessed to have them in my life.

We had everything planned and thought we'd DIY the deco at first but later felt like it would be too much work. So I was searching through some hashtags on instagram and found this party planner named @yunicornpartyplanner . I asked for a quotation and the rest was history. The owner, Atin was so lovely and totally understood what me and my friends wanted. The end result was simply exquisite. I highly recommend their service if you want to plan any kind of party with friends and family!

Our delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting by @thecaravancafe Bangi. I ordered just a plain cake and made the cake topper myself haha. It says "slaying 30" just in case it's a little blurry for you. Oh and the leaves at the bottom of the cake is courtesy of my mom's garden.(shhhh don't tell mom!!) 

I loved every detail of the deco, we asked for a sort of scandinavian theme. We wanted something simple but super elegant. Atin delivered just that. Other than stuffing our faces, my friends and I played games and exchanged gifts (I got a NYX makeup palette wohoo thanks Shaf!!) I love you guys p/s please do this again for my birthday in june!! XD

Best friends for life <3


  1. Always gorgeous! We are at the same age - but you look more elegant. Hehee. Subhanallah :)


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