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I spent my mothers day weekend celebrating not just the mommies in our family, but celebrating the children of PJDS orphanage. Spending time with children who are less fortunate than us makes me realize how lucky I am(and how lucky we are that we still have our parents with us). Being the thoughtful person that she is, my mom had always taught us to appreciate and to always help people with whatever means we have, no matter how big or small the contribution is. May Allah grant my mom the highest ranks in Jannah, not only for all that she does for her 7 children, but also for giving so much love to other people as well. Also a big shout out to my brother and his friends from UM who organized the one day Spartan Camp for the children at my mom's guesthouse, Farar Place in Dengkil. May Allah reward you abundantly!

So after the event with the children ended, we had a small bbq at Farar Place with my family and just had a beautiful time enjoying each others presence, my sister all the way from Johor was back in town too so it was definitely a day full of love and laughter!<3 Hhhhmm nothing feels better than the time spent with family, kan? So make everyday count and love your family as if you might lose them tomorrow okay guysss!

I was doing a lot of cooking that day so of course I had to wear something comfortable. I opted for these super comfy pants from Zolace and paired it with an over-sized shirt to keep it laid-back. There's a lot of other options for pants on their website just in case you need a pair(or two!) Loved that it was a beautiful sunny day perfect for my ootd post! haha. Anyway, hope yall had a smashin' weekend with your loved ones and Happy Mothers Day to all women(and single dads) out there! Stay awesome!!

Till then!


  1. Love your look sis :)
    It was nice meeting you at the Rinasalleh Clothing fashion show recently. Hope I can meet you more soon



    1. it was lovely meeting you too dear!:) Keep in touch!<3


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