That Annoying Thing Husbands Do

Before I got married people told me that I will eventually find out things about my partner that I would've never thought of. You know, bad habits. I have a ton of bad habits too I'm not gonna lie, but there's this one habit my husband does that drives me crayzayhh. I'm pretty sure a lot of husbands do this too.

You know how men carry so little when they go out as compared to women who have a Marry Poppin bag full of essentials they can't live without. Guys usually just have a wallet and handphone which they carry in their pockets, right? That's great. I love that they're simple that way. Not like women who have a place for everything. A compartment for makeup, a compartment for safety pins, sunglasses, baby toys(if you have kids), phone, wallet..and the list goes on. More importantly..we have a place in our wallet for coins!!

OMG are men actually aware the existence of coins that they don't bother having space in their wallet to put their change? Every time I'm cleaning the house I find a coin here, a coin there, a coin in the corner, a coin under the carpet. It doesn't stop there. In the toilet, in the car. Amagaaaad. And don't get me started on laundry. You know you have coins in the washing machine when it makes a loud clickatty-clack sound. So every time I do the laundry I have to be extra careful at emptying his pockets before it goes into the washing machine.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem? LOL. On the other hand, you wouldn't believe how much all the coins add up to after you've been picking them up and saving it into a jar/tin . One time I told my husband to go and cash in the coins at the bank. One tin of coins looked like maybe RM30 or so in exchange. But it actually added up to 4 times more! Imagine how much you can save in a year(or more) So maybe it's not a bad habit after all? Whatevs, it's still annoying.

Ps: I still love you hubbybi!:P

Till then!


  1. definitely husband always put everywhere his coins. on table food, beside tv, on bed..arghh..i already collected up to 3 bottles of coins n the total amount maybe above 2 hundreds :)

  2. Yassss so true, same the is happening to me. Now I'm the one who kutip all coins he left on the TV rack..dressing table... T_T

  3. OMG.!!!.I was about to share same thing on my blog about this.!.my husband pun having this kind of 'problem'..I just realize how he just ignore all the coins until i feel messy and haihhh serabut..x sayang duit ke i collect and put it on my in jar.sampai penuh i simpan dekat tabung haji. :).I think most men mmg macam ni..kot?.heheh

  4. Ya Allah..Now only dt i know dz is something normal to a MAN..haha!

    Thanks for sharing dz..nice to meet u ;)
    Newbies [ ]

  5. Salam Aleikum, your post is amazing, I really did laugh thinking of the coins in the machine! Th nice thing about it is the possibilty to save money!

  6. assalammualaikum hahaha, i dont know about that because my father love to keep coin yup lot of them! when my father went out and forgot to give money to me , i always take the coin that my father keep in a box, but still coins is everywhere and my mother always take them and put them in place,when my mother cleaning she always show me the coin and say jeng jeng jeng i got money this is salary for who always cleaning ( im lazy to do the cleaning thing) that why hahaha ....anyway sorry for my bad english?


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