I Chose My Kids

After I finished my studies, I happened to land a job at a private college as an architecture lecturer. I didn't plan on becoming a lecturer in the first place because I wanted to practice architecture and work at a firm. Only after I took the job I realized that I loved teaching! And I knew that if I worked at a firm things would be even tougher if I got married and had kids because of the workload and stress it comes with. So I decided to stick to teaching. 

Once I had Juhd(my first baby) working became quite hard for me as I couldn't quite focus at work. I kept thinking about my baby at home(even though my work place was just like 3 minutes away from home!) At that time my husband was the one who took care of Juhd while he was working from home(I know, wow right). I would get to see them during lunch break and even that wasn't good enough for me. I wasn't happy working anymore. I thought of all the precious moments of Juhd's first-everything that I might miss(first word, first roll over etc). And it broke my heart every time to see Juhd cry as I left for work in the morning.

So after I got pregnant with my second baby, I made a vow to quit my job of 4 years and be a SAWAHM(stay and work at home mom,yes I totally made that up) after I give birth. I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving my kids for work ever again. I want to be there for them every single moment as they grow. Because truth is, I only have one shot at motherhood. And I want to do it right. My kids are going to be this small only once. I will have plenty of time for work in the future when my kids are all grown up and independent. 

When I told my husband that I wanted to quit he couldn't be happier. He had always preferred that I stay at home from before we got married but it was always me who felt the need to develop a career. He was always supportive of my decisions regardless.

So here I am, working from home while I get to see my kids grow in front of my very eyes. Alhamdulillah. Words can't explain how contented I am with my life right now. I can spend my days teaching and educating my kids just like my own mom used to(I never went to kindergarden/pre-school). I get to wake up every morning only to worry about entertaining my kids and what would be our menu for the day, now that I cook everyday bahaha!*domestic goddess alert!* I love being a SAWAHN. I finally feel like a supermom. Its like a normal mom, only awesome-er!

Yes, that's Qomar's head and Juhd's hand in the frame :D

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Till then! Any SAWAHM's here?


  1. Missing you really, what an amazing post. I'm so proud of you, not many women can make this decision, and today we have many options like working from home but a supportive husband is simply great. I'm so happy for you, I too wasn't pre-schooled, it was all my mom's dedicated work that made me the best reader in all my years in school ;)

  2. Assalamualaikum, Aishah.. happy to see you updating your blog..
    After this boleh update selalulah kan..hehe..semoga terus happy bersama anak2 trsyg..;)

  3. Asalamu alaikum thanks for sharing,

    do come and share some words on my latest post about The Meaning of Faith.

    Take Care

  4. Great post, And I love your outfit :)

  5. i wish all the best for your life okayh! ;)

  6. Salah satu sebab saya pilih jadi House Husband ... :)
    Wife tak leh benti kerja sbb kontrak kerajaan.

  7. makasih infonya mbak :)

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