Cherry Blossom

Wazaaaaaap..! So I was in Penang over the weekend visiting relatives and of course a little bit of Nasi Kandaq and jalan-jalan laaa. It's been a while since I last traveled (because let's face it, it ain't that easy travelling with two small kids y'all!) Plus I had my sisters and mom travelling with me so it does help when you have one(or two!) extra hands.

As per usual, I brought along with me some new stuff I just got from Fashion Valet. Let me start with my personal favorite, the dUCk scarf. Ok I totally get the hype now. Once you own a dUck, you're bound to get another. Period. This cherry blossom dUCk from the peachskin range is super light and super comfy yet not see-through. So you don't need to wear an inner. Score! Next time I might try and get one from the crepe shawl range. mihihihihihi.

Second item I got was this floral jumper. I own a lot of plain stuff so I thought it would be nice to wear some print for a change. Also, I've been wearing a lot of pink lately(what's up with that?) Hmm. So not me. Could it be my motherly instincts making me more girly.....?? oh well. *pasrah*

Till then!xx