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Before I go into my outfit details, something funny happened right after my husband took this styleshot. So there's this place near our house where we I love to take pictures because it's kind of secluded so no one will give you that weird look when you're taking styleshots bahahaha. 

But right after taking these few shots, we got chased by two freakin' dogs! I ran like crazy and totally left Juhd with hubby behind. I freaked out and went straight to the car(i know, worst mom ever!) instead of bringing Juhd with me. Thank goodness hubby kept calm and didn't run. He was protecting Juhd in his stroller and stood still which I think scared the dogs away. Pheww!

The end.

Anyway, my maxi dress and knit cardigan are both from Fashion Valet. I absolutely love this style for maternity wear. It's super comfy for my growing tummy yet effortlessly stylish. This maxi dress is designed for nursing mommies but it's a little bit sexy to wear on it's own so I paired it with this Boho knit cardigan. Perfect match don't you think?:)


Till then! Be safe and watch out for angry dogs! Tehee!xx


  1. Haha so hilarious. Lol
    Nice outfit. ��

  2. Teehee!! you are so FUNNY lahh Kak Aishah.
    btw, Nice outfit :)

  3. oh my!! you're pregnant and you run like crazy? haha.. i'm imagining you run with big belly.. :P
    i think those dogs were your fans.. hihihi

  4. Salam. Bern reading your blog. U look gorgeous preggy mum. Do takd care of yourself.
    Come visit my blog


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