Safar Pelisse lot of you might have already known from instagram, my dear friend, a leukemia fighter, and fellow blogger Ami Schaheera just recently passed away..I will be dedicating a special post for Ami very soon insyaAllah. In the mean time, I ask that my lovely readers recite Al-fatihah and make plenty of dua for her...May Allah place her among the soliheen..<3 (been thinking of her so much I haven't been able to sleep,so here I am updating my blog to distract myself)

Look from the other day - my current fave dress of all time. Safar Pelisse dress in blush,which you girls can go grab at FashionValet while stocks last. The dress also comes in black and ivory, not to mention breast-feeding-friendly.

Also, read all about my interview in MSN Malaysia HERE where I drop tips for you girls to shop smart!

Till then!xx


  1. Waaw, you look so beautiful sis, maybe onetimes you shoul try to wear our product :D


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