Apple of My Eye

Salam! This is kind of a late post but just wanted to share this cute picture of me and my little Juhd bug♥ I feel so blessed to be a mother and enjoying every moment of it, Alhamdulillah. It's definitely been hard balancing a career, bussiness and a family, but nothing makes me more happy than coming back home to see the face of my husband and child. 

Before Juhd was born, I was always freaking out worrying if i'll ever be a good mom. But I've discovered there is no perfect way of being a good mom. The only way is to love them unconditionally and everything else will follow, insyaAllah. 

I love you Juhd, you make mama and abah so happy:')

And here's my super comfy casual ootd. Wearing SPOTLIGHT blazer and Refuge boyfriend jeans both from FashionValet ♥ 

Till then!xx


  1. Owwww what a cutie! he's so so handsome MashaAllah.


  2. loved ur outfit so beautiful mashallah and that baby I just want to squeeze those cheeks.... Please do check out my blog! I'm new here and would love some support -HijabFairy

  3. Lovely family Masha Allah! Good job losing all that baby weight Aishah, but I thought you had stopped trousers? Just asking, no critism or anything. Maasalam!

    1. I tried, but I'm so used to it it's very hard not to:( Please make doa for me<3

  4. Live your bf jeans! They are similar to my asos peg legs :)

    1. By far my fave(and one and only as of now) jeans! lol


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