Baby #1 : The Labor Story

It was a lazy Saturday morning and I was still in bed, talking to some friends(you know who you are) on whatsapp about how depressed I was that the baby hasn't come yet at 42 weeks. I was just 2 days away from being induced and at that point I was pretty sure my chances of having a normal delivery was completely gone. At about 11-ish I took a nap and woke up for Zuhur prayer around 1.35pm. I took a wee and noticed that there was blood in the toilet bowl. I started to panic knowing that it was definitely a sign of early labor. So I quickly washed myself, woke up my husband and we headed straight to Hospital Putrajaya.

By the time we arrived at the delivery hall, it was about 2.35pm. After checking in, I was brought to a room and after my blood pressure was taken, the doctor asked me to lay down, and that was the first time kene 'seluk' a.k.a VE(vaginal examination), or in other words, having the doctor stick their fingers up your you-know-what. First round, doctor told me my cervix had not yet dilated(belum ada bukaan). At that point, contractions started kicking in and boy were they painful! 

Since my cervix was still closed, they had me admitted to the ward. As my husband was bringing me up to the ward in my wheelchair, I couldn't help but notice my hospital garment and thinking to myself, "seriously this pink does not go with my skin tone." lol sempat lagi tu!!

Anyways, I was left in the ward to endure the increasing intensity and pain of contractions. Alhamdulillah Fiq(my husband) was there beside me through the ordeal trying to comfort me. As contractions kept getting stronger, I began to lose control over my body. I vomited about 3 times and honestly just couldn't tolerate the pain. Contractions are so insanely painful you feel like banging yourself against the wall. To one extent I even felt like cutting myself(seriously!) But do note that every woman's birthing experience is unique and different, so not everyone feels that way ok!(just in case I scared any mommy-to-be's out there)

I don't really remember the exact time everything happened but about an hour in, the doctor came again for another round of 'seluk-king'. My cervix was dilated 1cm.


breath. in.

breath. out.

That's what I did the whole time while reciting lots of zikir & doa. But even then my mind was still very much concentrated on the contraction pain. One and a half hour passed by and I couldn't take it anymore so I called the nurse and the doctor came again to check my cervix opening.


I was brought to the labor room and again the selukking kept happening I honestly felt like a stuffed turkey at one point. In the labor room there were about 5 nurses and one doctor(Alhamdulillah all women of course) Everything happened quite fast. The last thing I remember(or heard) from the doctor were the words '5cm dilated', 'meconium' and 'vacuum'. By then I new something wasn't quite right. Oh and I also saw the scissors the doctor used to cut my hoohaa(Yikes!)

Doctor told me to start pushing. She said "Teran macam nak buang air besar tu!' I was quite confused at the time and tried pushing. But apparently I ended up passing gas.

Epic fail.

Then one nurse said," push your abdomen as if you are doing sit ups" Then I knew exactly what to do! Finally after about three VERY HARD pushes, my baby came out at 6.21pm. (To be honest it felt like a squid coming out from down below because I remember it sounded like something slimy and soft)

I started panicking because I didn't hear my baby cry. Instead I could have sworn I heard him choking. The nurses immediately took my baby into another room and I was left wondering what happened to him. I didn't even get to see his face. Only about 15 minutes later I got to see my baby but it was just for a brief moment and they took him away again for further treatment. I had to stay in the labor room 6 hours for monitoring(because of palpitation) before I was allowed back into the ward. Thank goodness hubby was by my side. I felt so relieved that it was all over(especially those contractions!) and I just felt at peace even though a part of me was worried about my baby.

Trust me, it was waaaay bloodier than this.this was AFTER the floor was cleaned.
In the labor room right after giving birth. (Forgive my hideous editing and face)

Alhamdulillah even though my baby was admitted to the NICU for 4 days, he's healthy and happy now;) The doctors and nurses at Hospital Putrajaya were all so nice and helpful. May Allah s.w.t repay their kindness and sabar dealing with patients everyday! I am truly humbled by the whole experience. It was certainly worth all the pain when I saw his face and held him in my arms for the first time( ok imma tear up now so imma stop right there!)

Meet our little prince, Juhd bin Mohd. Shafiq :)

Till then!
Stay tuned for updated pics of baby Juhd!!xx
(got to go change his diapers now!)


  1. oh my godness.. this is soooo sweet moment u had sista.. insyaAllah my turn in next march 2014..

    your juhd so cute..just like your nose seriously! :) much lovely!

    1. Awww thank you:-) May Allah make it easy for you sister! Xx

  2. Salam,

    Congratulations Aishah! Your baby boy is lovely. I guess you can change your blog description as a mummy now, I noticed it's still at mummy-to-be :-)

  3. MaşaAllah!!! yaşı uzun, hayırlı evlat olsun inşaAllah!! :)

  4. Mubarak Aishah, his very beautiful masha'Allah <3

  5. Congratulation sis!!ur bb so adorable!

  6. Congratulation aisyah! I was induced twice during my labor as well. Strong mummy!

    1. I wasn't induced but natural contractions pun dah sakit sgt! I can't imagine the pain of induction! Yikessss

  7. nervous kejap lepas baca pengalaman..*bakal lalui hujung tahun ni*

    btw congratulations Aishah..

    1. Thank you dear:-) and don't be nervous, every woman will go through a different experience. May Allah make it easy for you. ♡

  8. : congratulations Ka Aishah! :D

  9. Aww Masha'Allah so precious. Congratulations!!! Insha'allah may Allah protect him, Ameen.

    I could not help but laugh when they said to push and you passed gas..that is a way less of a fail than what happen to beuno! these are the things no one tells you when giving birth.


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