Rock n Rollin'

I can't believe I'm already 39 weeks. One more week to go until my due date! How time flies ey? To be completely honest I've been praying that my baby will come out sooner because oh myyy dah makin sarat and tak larattttt! lol. but I know Allah knows what's best for me & baby, so i'll just have to be more patient and try to relax a bit more!

In efforts of 'relaxing' and taking my mind of thinking too much about the baby, I've been trying to go out a bit more and be active. So for todays outfit I'm wearing this SPOTLIGHT two-tone maxi skirt from Fashion Valet . Love this skirt because it's sooo me! I am a big fan of all things rugged/edgy/fierce. I also got the Lux & Bu necklace from Fashion Valet. Btw FV is having exclusive reductions up to 30% off! Great time for some raya shopping, no? :P

Decided to go a little rock-chic with this outfit. And NO, i did not go out in those Oh and notice how the skirt kinda hides my massive bump? hehe.Ok that's all for today folks! Selamat berpuasa & berterawih! <3

Till then! xx


  1. That trying was worth it! Love this impressive look :)

  2. salam aleikom aisha i remenber last year when i was 39 week i ahve my baby is sooo much beautifull experience when you see hes or her eyes insh allah all will be good!! i will be so bless baby if come out in ramadan time mash allah gretting from venezuela south america i follow you !

    1. MasyaAllah! hope it will be a wonderful experience for me too insyaAllah! Much love from Malaysia!xx :))

  3. beautiful mom to be! love the look dear :)

  4. Semoga Allah SWT permudahkan, InshaAllah :) ...selamat berpantang & enjoy beautiful moments with your lil buddle of joy soon!

    ~ ~

  5. assalam:) wahhh..cantiknya baju tu,memang xnampak yang sis aisha sdang pregnant:) the way,my name is Balqis..i did follow u:) hop that u can follow mine too...u r gorgeous and inspiring..
    (personal blog)

    or my kiszydolls shop,me as dolls designer :)

    jage kesihatan serta kandungan:) semoga dipermudahkan urusan:)

    1. Amiiin..Thank you lovely! Jazakallah khair<3

  6. Asalam alaykum
    Not long now , your style is great :)

  7. I love it :)


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