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This 'trend' will never go out of style so it's always good to have a key piece that you can wear for any season. And for a fresher and more unique look, pair your striped top/blazer with another print but keep the second print subtle like polka dots/checkered prints or perhaps inkblot prints. Or you can even go stripe on stripe with different line weight! :)

Ok this trend to me is to die for because I loooove supersonic-metallic-shiny things! However, for plus-sized girls such as myself, shiny textures aren't that flattering on my body so I would prefer to wear this trend in the form of accessories like shoes and bags, or for hijabi's, the headscarf! It's just the right pop of texture that you need to complete your outfit:) But if you do decide to go foiled on the clothes, one key piece would be enough, me thinks .

I've noticed that bright florescent colours have stayed in trend for quite some time now and I believe their here to stay. My current favorite would have to be bright pink and aqua! But.....as a Muslims it is always important to stay modest so I don't think dressing head-to-toe in a flourescent colour would be a good idea coz it would definitely draw too much unwwanted attention to oneself. I would tone it down a notch to just one piece and pair it with neutral colours and add a statement necklace to complete the whole look! 

Forget leopard print, python snakeskin is taken over baybehh! Warning : sometimes animal print can be a little tricky and can easily turn into a fashion faux pas. So go for boxy silhouettes that will give it a more modern and energized look with a hint of bright coloured underlays to separate the pieces and give more definition to the pieces. 

Then of course there's other blooming trends like the Baroque trend, cut-outs, ruffles, crystal clear accessories etc etc but these are my favorite trends to steal and 'hijabify'! :D

Till then, stay modest but fabulous ladies!xx


  1. FOILED AND SNAKES SKINS masih kurang dlm almari..:)

  2. nak jugak try snakeskin. belum ada lagi. :)

  3. tapi mcm agak susah nak carik snakeskin piece yang betul2 cantik kan..ive been scouting for one but so far belum jumpa lg..sobs..

  4. Thanks for this post! I agree with you about what you said abput the fluor pink, and I will do same. But first have to find that fluor pink cloth :)

  5. salam perkenalan :) nice blog!
    do follow me yah +_+V


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