Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un.

Today me and my sisters had a small photoshoot for timah's new project(I will post the photos later!) and afterwards we went to this place called The Little White Cafe in Bangi. The place has a great cozy interior that would make you feel like you're actually in a different country! It kind of reminds me of this place we went to in Switzerland a few years back So anyways, after all the exhaustion of the photoshoot, it was definitely a nice treat, plus the waiters were friendly and kind! And the food wasn't at all bad. Overall I think it's a super fun and exquisite place to dine=). You can check this place out on their FB page here
Kayah and me just chillin' and enjoying the warm interior:)
Kakak and Timah
Yummaaay Red Velvet Cake!!
More yummy food-potato salad and i cant remember what the other one was.tehee
Spaghetti  Carbonara
This is what I had, Vege Lasagna and Mocha Frapuchinno
Just the expression on our faces says it all! 
Loved the interior!
Definitely will be coming back to this place!


  1. the food was really nice too!:))

  2. how do u wrap ur beautiful

  3. You're making me really hungry!! :)
    Yum velvet cake! :)

  4. dah pergi jugak sini,
    dia punye chocolate fudge and carrot cake dia pun superb! :)

    heh heh

  5. salaam

    im looking for a new hijab style and im absolutely loving yours - please show us how u do it???



  6. here you go..

    you can watch the video on my youtube channel:)


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